As we all know, there is a different craze of Fortnite We have seen towards the players. We all want to be a super player in Fortnite. For that, you should follow some of the best Fortnite players. Tfue is one of the best Fortnite players in the world and to know his skills, today We will reveal the keyboard used him.

Tfue, a famous Fortnite player’s real name is Turner Tenney who was born in 1998 and at a very low age, he has earned huge popularity. Now he is also active on Twitch and YouTube platforms where he shows all of his moves and playing techniques.

Gaming keyboards are quite different from normal keyboards. These keyboards are designed by keeping professional players in mind so that it can work long sessions and immediate responses, which also helps in reaching the next level. He has won $1,00,000 by playing games and now his single videos have more than 50k viewers.

Tfue is great gaming played who had tried many gaming keyboards for better performance and people have a lot of craze in mind to know the keyboard using by Tfue at present. The keyboard used by Tfue was mainly developed by Ducky and then he customized it according to his need. Once he started customization in his career then he had also done mechanics and engineering for better customization of keyboards. So, now we will tell you the keyboard using by Tfue at present.

Keyboard used by Tfue

At present, Tfue is using Taeha Types Keycult no. 1/60 to play the Fortnite game. Tfue has used many ordinary keyboards but after buying this keyboard, he got different popularity from his fans because this keyboard comes in the luxurious category.

The price of this keyboard is $3500 that is also follows the 60 Percent model made by Ducky. This is a metallic-based keyboard that has stainless steel with blue and purple hues. This makes the keyboard colorful and more attractive. The novelty keys of this keyboard make the ultimate sound that makes this keyboard more popular. The keyboard goes to much popular after it was used by Tfue and now many people are buying that keyboard.

The weight of this keyboard is 1.72 kg and this is a 6-degree typing angle that prevents you from injuries. We can also perform shortcut commands in this keyboard. The sound of the touch makes it more attractive.

So we will recommend you to use this keyboard if you are a game addict. You will get all the functions that you are expecting from a keyboard. This is a perfect keyboard for games like Fortnite and PUBG because of its amazing performance.


As we have given the complete information about the keyboard used by Tfue. The performance is not just because of the keyboard, you should have some amazing skills of playing a game like Tfue and you need to do more practice on this keyboard after buying this product.

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