Currently, the Week7 of Fortnite Chapter2 Season7 is going on and we have received a major update of season7. In this many legendary and epic quests have been added and Collecting Records is one of those. But don’t worry here in this article I will be sharing the complete detail on how you can collect records from Pleasant Park and Craggy Cliffs.

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There might be many locations where you can find and Collect Records but as I found only 7 locations, so here I’m going to share all those with the help of the map.

Collect Records In Pleasant Park

In the pleasant park, I have found a total of 5 locations as you can identify by following the below map. The locations on the map marked in red-black color are the locations to collect records from the pleasant park in Fortnite.

Collect Records In Craggy Cliffs

In Craggy Cliffs we have found only two locations to collect records and that has been marked on the map below in a red-black circle. By following this map you can easily navigate to these locations and collect.

Collect Records In Craggy Cliffs

These are all the locations, the map and marked locations would be useful for you to easily discover the possible places. If this article is useful for you then don’t forget to leave a share and let other players know about it. If you want to complete missions then Pleasant Park would be the best location because there are a total of 5 places.

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