The BGIS 2021 registrations have started, and all BGMI competitive teams are in full swing on their last-minute preparations. The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series is a curtain-raiser tournament for the game’s esports.

It will be followed by tournaments similar to PMCO India and PMPL South Asia. The entire BGMI community in India is hyped for the BGIS 2021, but some organization sections require scrutiny. Currently, the absence of an efficient anti-hack system is a point of concern for BGMI esports.

The importance of an anti-hack system during BGIS 2021

Krafton is pushing for anti-cheat measures, but hackers are still prevailing (Image via Krafton)
Krafton is pushing for anti-cheat measures, but hackers are still prevailing (Image via Krafton)

The bad history of cheating in PUBG Mobile esports

There have been numerous occasions where PUBG Mobile has witnessed cheaters at a professional level, including the PMCO India 2020, where 11 teams were disqualified. This happened after the start of the online group stage qualification.

A similar incident happened at the PMCO Pakistan, where eight teams were banned after the start of the group stage. It was a kick in the teeth for PUBG Mobile esports and Krafton, who claimed their anti-cheating system was the best.

These despicable incidents occurred even after 531 teams were barred in the qualifiers of the PMCO. These cheaters were brilliant enough to make it to the group stages of the PMCO, where millions watched their gameplay online.

Thus, the inbuilt anti-hack algorithm of PUBG Mobile isn’t efficient.

Implications of the absence of anti-hack system in BGIS 2021

The BGIS 2021 demands highly competitive results (Image via Krafton)
The BGIS 2021 demands highly competitive results (Image via Krafton)

The BGIS 2021 in-game qualifiers demand that the teams get WWCD with 30+ kills to qualify for the online qualifiers. A rough estimate of registrations is anywhere more than 10,000, and coming into the top 1024 positions is a tough ask.

As this is a seemingly difficult target to achieve, people won’t mind if the target increases by five kills. Thus, rumors say WWCD 45+ kills are needed, and most teams are buying these exaggerated numbers. BGMI teams desperate to get into the professional level fell prey to illegal and immoral methods.

There are plenty of paid hacks available online, which, when employed, will be undetectable by the BGMI in-built anti-hack system. Teams will opt for this shady option as they are already fixated on the idea that surpassing the target is out of their reach.

If the hackers surpass the in-game qualifiers, they will be stealing a deserved spot from a legit team at the BGIS 2021.

Once rosters get a taste of success through hacking, there is a high chance they will continue with this fraud, which is not suitable for any esports industry in a nascent stage. There should be zero tolerance for cheating.

A difficult road ahead

The Easy Anti-cheat software (Image via Easy Anti-cheat)
The Easy Anti-cheat software (Image via Easy Anti-cheat)

Implementing anti-cheat measures is difficult even in PC games, let alone mobile titles. There are dedicated organizations creating cheats for video games.

If the developer identifies a cheat and rectifies the loophole, another will come up, so it is a constant cat and mouse game. PC games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Rust use the services of Easy Anti-Cheat.

Easy Anti-Cheat is an online anti-cheat service developed by Epic Games, which provides counter-hacking mechanisms to PC games. Video game giants like Krafton can create their own anti-hacking services for mobile games, similar to Easy Anti-Cheat.

It will exhaust their resources, but in the long run, help Krafton develop a widely acclaimed esports industry for BGMI, starting with the BGIS 2021.

Note: This article reflects the author’s views.

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