The Indian GTA RP community is still in its infancy but will soon catch up to its American counterpart. Despite having a slow start, the community is making rapid strides in fostering a vast GTA RP landscape for indian players.

There are already huge Indian servers like SVRP, Legacy RP and Hydra Town RP which have large communities and hosts many Indian streamers.

The question on many people’s minds is, will GTA RP continue to flourish in the Indian market for the rest of 2021?

Will GTA RP continue to thrive in the Indian market in 2021?

Yes, it will definitely flourish in 2021. GTA RP in India is growing more day by day and it is unlikely that it will slow down any time soon.

The reason for such massive growth is that India is a mostly mobile market which is dominated by shooters and battle royales like PUBG Mobile and Gareena Free Fire, so something like GTA RP is truly new to the country.

Along with that, many popular Indian streamers like RakaZone Gaming, Dynamo Gaming and Tbone have picked up GTA RP and streamed it for their huge viewerbases.

These streamers play on indian servers like SVRP 3.0 and Legacy RP which allow players to role-play in Hindi.

Dynamo Gaming has even started his own GTA RP server called Hydra Town Role-play (HTRP) and encourages all of his fans to join him there.

GTA RP has also just started to expand into different regions of India with the introduction of regional RP servers. These regional servers allow GTA players to role-play in regional languages as many people are more comfortable in their mother tongue.

There are many Tamil, Telugu, Malayali, Punjabi and Marathi GTA RP servers for players to join and experience role-playing mechanics.

These regional RP servers are introducing GTA RP to regional audiences, greatly increasing its potential playerbase. Indian GTA RP hasn’t reached its full potential yet, but it will grow over the next few months and is very likely to become a smash hit in India.

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