Everybody, whether kids or adults, play video games and one of the most famous gaming consoles in the market is Xbox. And it is coming with it’s new and advanced gaming console called Xbox Series X.


Microsoft is the manufacturer of Xbox. It won’t be producing any titles for the Xbox Series X that won’t also play on the Xbox One and PC that is not normal in their releases. Microsoft chief gave a statement which read “Microsoft wants if someone buys Xbox they should feel that they have made a good investment and that we are dedicated to them with the content.”

People will be pleased playing Microsoft’s new titles without paying for a new computer. And the point is that Microsoft restricts first-party titles to PC and Xbox only, so will do this to Sony too? So will people buy it more than their previous consoles?

Putting competition with Sony, Microsoft’s decision seemingly makes the new Xbox i.e. Xbox Series X boring in comparison to previous owners of that gaming consoles. The only new things include:

  • fast SSDs,
  • raw horsepower, and
  • ray tracing.

Microsoft made the Xbox Series X launch awesome and it is providing cool video games with it like Halo Infinite so we don’t have to pay a lot of money to buy them.

Is it worth to buy Xbox Series X?

The company said that in June at E3, before the official Series X reveal. And when the new console was known that its next-gen console would also play Xbox One games. The same is true of Sony’s PlayStation 5 that this new console would be backwards compatible with PS4 games.

The first time Microsoft has said explicitly that its new console won’t be launching with any first-party exclusives. The biggest first-party Xbox Series X is releasing with Halo Infinite which was already confirmed in 2019.

Microsoft doesn’t have a very strong argument for why people should upgrade to the Series X and if it doesn’t have exclusive games and if you can get similar or better developed performance for the same game titles on the gaming PC.

Microsoft is hoping that the Series X specifications and its ease of use over the PC platform. And for players who haven’t upgraded to a new console since Xbox One. But the company’s approach right now is to provide cross-platform to the users.

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