Collecting insects is an optional component to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, but it adds depth to the customization of your inventory. The ability to brew high-grade potions is a luxury in the standard game, and a necessity if you dare to challenge hero mode.

You will come across many insects on the beaten path during your adventure, and you can catch them with the Bug Net item that you can purchase from Beedle’s shop. While most bugs pop up at random throughout the world, some rarer types will require you to look a little harder. Later in the game, you can play a bug-catching mini-game, where you will be rewarded with five bugs of a specific type, depending on your performance.

Once you have some bugs, take them to the Potion Shop inside the Skyloft Bazaar. There, bugs can be used to power up standard potions and greatly increase their effectiveness. Insects can also be a great source for acquiring Rupees. If you approach Strich at night in his room in the Knight Academy, he will buy three random insect types, at values ranging from 1 to 50 rupees.

We’ve got everything you need to know about Skyward Sword’s bug population on the table below, from where you can find each type, to what it’s used for, and what it’ll fetch you in a sale.

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Insect Description Infusion Uses (And Insects Required) Sale Value (Each)
Blessed Butterfly Blue butterflies found throughout Skyloft and the surface. These often mark the locations of Gossip Stones and Goddess Walls. Stamina Potion + (2),
Air Potion + (2)
5 Rupees
Gerudo Dragonfly Dragonflies that spawn throughout the desert, and are usually found in pairs. Mildly difficult to catch. Revitalizing Potion++ (1), Stamina Potion + (2) 30 Rupees
Sky Stag Beetle They tend to lazily hang on tree trunks in Skyloft. They’re easily caught by rolling into trees, no net required! Stamina Potion+ (2), Air Potion+ (2) 20 Rupees
Eldin Roller These quick beetles are tricky to catch, but you’ll find them all over the Eldin Volcano region. Easily dug up near the entrance of the Fire Sanctuary. Heart Potion++ (1), Guardian Potion+ (2) 40 Rupees
Faron Grasshopper Grasshoppers appear all over Faron Woods, most conveniently, near the sealed grounds. Guardian Potion+ (1), Stamina Potion+ (1) 40 Rupees
Deku Hornet These irksome bugs are all over Faron Woods. You can easily capture swarms by dislodging their hive and netting the enraged hornets as they seek revenge on you. Heart Potion++ (3), Revitalizing Potion+ (3) 1 Rupee
Skyloft Mantis These are some of the rarest and most difficult insects to catch. Easiest to locate at the pumpkin patch in Skyloft. Air Potion+ (2), Revitalizing Potion+ (2) 20 Rupees
Lanayru Ant These ants are quite common in the desert, and can be found in bulk near the Lanayru Sea. Look for them under piles of sand you’ll need to clear with your Bellows. Revitilazing Potion++ (3), Air Potion+ (2) 20 Rupees
Sand Cicada The Lanayru cicadas are hard to find, but easy to catch. Check around the desert entrance. Heart Potion++ (1), Revitalizing Potion++ (1) 50 Rupees
Volcanic Ladybug You’ll find ladybugs all over the cave walls of the Eldin Volcano region. They’re slow-moving and easy to catch. Heart Potion+ (1), Stamina Potion+ (3) 30 Rupees
Starry Firefly Only found at night in Skyloft. You can easily collect them by sleeping at Beedle’s Airshop. They also like to hang around by the water’s edge. Guardian Potion + (3) 30 Rupees
Woodland Rhino Beetle These forest beetles are pretty plentiful in Faron Woods. The easiest place to find them is on vines near the Sealed Grounds. Heart Potion+ (1), Revitalizing Potion+ (2), Revitalizing Potion++ (2) 20 Rupees

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